Duration: 4 weeks

Role: Researcher, Product Designer, Furniture Designers

Client: Working Class Studio

Description: Versatile Furniture for an Urban Home that supports multiple activities


The nesters are a contemporary set of two low lying interacting pieces of furniture that offer an array of options for use in urban modern homes. 

Nesters can be a breakfast table cum tray or work station for two. It can literally transform to anything with simplicity - a coffee side table, ottoman or  tray / shelving.

They offer flexibility and comfort for a diverse group of activities. 

A dash of warm orange edge brightens any bedroom with a dose of spunk. 

The nester as an added shelving to store small paraphernalia.

Personal angst and friends' complaints of not having an alternative workspace as one gets tired sitting on the desk led to the search of a flexible and modular furniture piece that could double up for different activities around the bedroom and living space.


             Rapid Prototypes were developed in foam core to explore dual functions on rotation or flipping.

laser profiles were plotted for placement of handle and cuts for interlocking, pieces were labelled and marked

laser profiles cut on MDF to be pasted face to face to create the prototype

the nester.

packaging sticker on side one

packaging sticker on side one

packaging sticker on side two

packaging sticker on side two