Duration : 2 weeks each project

Role: Product Designer

Client: Happily Unmarried

Description: Add a splash of humor mixed with the drinks as the party rolls.

A wine stopper with cheek. A strange amount of satisfaction to stick in a super large version of the hardware to bolt the bottle shut. bolting can be fun with this stopper as it is actually rotated in

A wine rack to go with your DVD collection. This rack inspired by a film roll spool has all the ingredients to provide drama, emotion and action. you may however need to still provide the wine.

A set of 4 coasters to cover all the bad spots on the table. Manhole Coasters by Happily Unmarried Undercover Corp.

A collection of Shot Glasses on excitable phrases in Indian vernacular languages :Tamil, Bhojpuri and Bihari with colorful graphics inspired from the region’s movie posters. They also have their very own “National Shotglass Permit’ truck carrier for special delivery.

Popular memorable movie poster 'Sholay' rechristened in a new tongue-in-cheek dialogue.

Beer glasses with great dialogue. Pun Intended. The shot glasses did so well we went a step further to glorify the best sellers.